What are Combination Bets, and How do you make combined bets? 

 May 12, 2022

If sports betting is your thing, you should know that there are many online options to place your bets; when doing them, you don’t have to choose between one party or another. What are Combination Bets?


You can play them simultaneously on this site 22bet.co.ke/live/ when it comes to qualifying matches. Several sports disciplines may be of interest to you, and the events take place in parallel. If this situation occurs to you, it is no longer a problem.


How to make combined bets?

The most respected betting sites tend to present statistics and forecasts for the matches that are going to be covered by their bookmakers.

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These houses give the user the option to bet on several events simultaneously. The bets that are made under these characteristics are called Combined Bets.


A Combination Bet is based on betting according to your predictions of several matches or sporting events. It is essential to keep in mind that to win this type of bet, the results of all the bets must be correct.

Namely, if you placed bets on the same coupon for four different matches, you must hit to collect the bet at four results. If any of your selections fail, you automatically lose the rest.


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These bets are the ones that generate the most profits. For the bettor since the result will be multiplied according to the odds. That has been set for each selected event.

These types of bets are very common. Users can rely on the recommendations and analysis each site gives to registered users.


An example of the result of this type of bet is: If a person makes a triple bet, where there are odds of 1.50; 1.85, and 1.60; the quota with which the winner is going to be paid is the multiplication of the three 4.44; this amount is multiplied by the total contribution.

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Combined bets are quite convenient for people who have a high level of knowledge in the sports disciplines they want to invest in.

What is a special bet?

In the sports world of betting, different types of definitions are used. Those who wish to venture into this world must be clear about some concepts they will encounter in bookmakers; For example: What is a special bet?


The origin of the bets is not known exactly; although it is affirmed that in ancient Greece, more than 2000 years ago, they already bet on the disciplines that were of interest to them; In Rome, this type of practice already existed in the encounters between gladiators.

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Sports betting is currently the favorite of many users who register in the dozens of existing portals.


How to make a special bet?

When a championship begins, or the teams that will participate in a particular event are defined, multiple factors can affect the final result of that championship. These factors can generate an opinion matrix through which users decide to evaluate and place their bets.


Those events that are not a match of any discipline but that their result or outcome can affect the place where the meeting takes place are special events that produce a special bet.


An example of a special bet may be a new technical director for a team that will face each other in a match. If the team is well aligned with its previous director, it collapses, and their next meeting is affected. Such an action can create that opinion matrix to open an interesting bet.

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Another example of a special bet can arise with the departure of some important player from a team’s squad, either due to injury or a sanction. How can his absence affect the outcome of the match? The answer to this question can give rise to a special bet

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