Seven Reasons Why Betting Should be Legalised 

 May 24, 2022

A lot of people on Bet20 share the opinion that betting should be legalised. Why is it so? Well they have given the following reasons to justify their stance on legalisation of betting. The seven reasons are explained below to make you understand why legitimising betting is a great option for not just an individual but for an entire country. So without any further ado, let’s take a good look at those reasons.


  1. It Promises Great Returns on Investment

On many occasions, people who have placed bets on any game have ended up winning big money. This is because the game promises a better return rate than any bank does. If you invest a thousand dollars in a bank, it will probably offer you just 6 percent of interest rate. But in betting, you will get your money multiplied ten times in just a single game. Hence, it is a great option to multiply money.

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  1. It Helps Boost the Economy of a Country

When people win big money with the help of betting, they will get richer than ever. And rich people pay taxes. The timely payment of taxes helps boost the economy of a country. This in turn results in better development of the country and therefore helps build a great image of the country in front of the leading nations. That is why betting should be legalised.


  1. The Richer the People Will Be, The Higher Amount of Tax Money They Will Pay

One of the most important reasons that betting should be legalised is that people will pay taxes on the money won by them. They will have to give up a certain percentage of their winnings to the government in the form of taxes. These taxes can be later used in times of crisis and developing the country.

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  1. Betting Harms Nobody but the People Who Bet

If you take a look at the other things that are legalised such as alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana, you will see that the consumption of these things harm not just the consumers but people around them as well. Fights, disharmony, and crimes become a commonly occurring phenomenon because of these things. However, there is no such issue with betting. People bet, win or lose, they drink a few shots and go home. They do not trouble others because they are already troubled by their own bets.


  1. Legalisation of Betting Can Eliminate the Risk of Compromised Games
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It is not an unknown fact that many games get rigged because of the influence of bookies and betters. But if legalisation of betting happens, the chances of compromising games will get reduced by a huge margin.


  1. Legalisation of Betting Will Lead to Less Crimes

When people will have ample money with them which is won by placing bets, they will not get involved in violent activities to make some easy money such as robberies and thefts.


  1. Legalisation of Betting Will Help Build a Better Country

Lastly, all the factors mentioned above will eventually contribute to the building of a better country. And that is why it is important that betting must be legalised.

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It is fair to say that legalising betting will help a country by reducing its crime rates and boosting its economy. And hence, betting must be legalised across the globe!

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