The Best Roulette Strategies for Beating the Casino 

 June 27, 2022

Roulette was invented in France during the early 18th century, and it has been one of the most popular casino games ever since. The game itself is simple like  22Bet the player places bets on the number or color he thinks will be selected by the ball when it drops into the roulette wheel’s spinning cup, or around the green felt-covered table top (in French, roulette means little wheel). The players get paid out if they bet correctly but lose their money if they don’t.

1) Budgeting your bets

When you’re at a roulette table, it can be tempting to pile your chips onto one number or color—but not all bets are created equal. While some have a higher chance of winning than others, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should always be your go-to bet. To help you decide which bets to make and how much to wager on each one, we’ve created an easy-to-follow system based on odds and return.

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2) Complementary betting

Complimentary betting is a simple strategy to use on the roulette that can offer big rewards with an appropriate wager. The idea behind complementary betting is to identify a color and number combination, make a bet on that number and its matching color, then cover your risk by also making bets on all other numbers except your designated combination.

If you win, you simply collect all your winnings from each covered number. If you lose, you only lose what was wagered against your designated number(s). Complimentary betting offers an advantage of about 2.7 percent over standard flat bets; in American roulette, it works best with double-zero (also known as European roulette) due to more red numbers on which to place complementary bets.

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3) Betting on multiple numbers

If you want to play roulette with just one number, you’re likely to lose. There are thirty-eight numbers on a roulette wheel, and several of them have pretty long odds. No matter how much money you spend, over time you’ll lose a lot more than that if all you bet is on one number.

On the other hand, betting on three numbers at once is a pretty good way to ensure that at least two of your bets will pay off. That gives them better odds than other places where they might be able to get better returns but by making fewer bets instead of investing in just one number (or more).

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4) Betting on zero (0)

Among all strategies, betting on zero is considered to be the most effective and best strategy to win roulette in casinos. It’s even said that betting on zero gives you a higher probability of winning than any other roulette strategy out there.


Roulette has long been considered one of the most exciting casino games around, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most rigged by casinos. However, if you have an understanding of the right roulette strategies, you can still win quite often and walk away with some serious cash. The best roulette strategies are not only the easiest to learn but also the safest ways to play in any casino without getting banned by staff or having your chips seized by security guards, so keep reading to find out what they are!

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