Key CashBet Wagering Factors and Strategies for Sports Restart  

 August 5, 2020

After more than four months on the sidelines, sports has mercifully returned.  With that comes new challenges for gamblers and handicappers.  Regardless if it’s the NBA, NHL, or MLB have changed from pre-COVID-19. The gambling handle is going way up.  According to traffic dramatically increased as play began. But with these changes comes unlimited opportunity. To be exact there are more wagering alternatives than ever before. Combined with independent thought possibilities for success are tremendous. Now let’s prepare for victory.


  • Sports Betting Buffet of Effective Play Alternatives
  • Layoff Handicapping Factors to Consider
  • Load Management and Win Necessity Equation
  • Wagering on Halves Creates New Handicapping Strategies
  • Live Betting Alternative Perfectly Fits Today’s Dynamics
  • Keep Things Simple and Independent
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Sports Betting Buffet of Effective Play Alternatives

Sports gambling is usually associated with betting Pointspread sides and totals.  Yet online betting has expanded horizons far beyond those alternatives. Wagering on futures, propositions, halves, and live during the game empowers gamblers.  This ties into the unique circumstances of the quarantined restart of all sports.  To be exact the best way to beat the books is adapting to now.  Those stuck in old habits will limit profits.  Best of all these newer ways to play are not complicated.


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Layoff Handicapping Factors to Consider

For one thing, teams will show rust after over 120 days off.  Those Betting on NBA games must evaluate skill and grit.  Offensive oriented teams are likely to struggle early on.  No matter how much layoff practice occurred it wasn’t against live competition.  Specifically, there is an old sports adage that “defense travels.”  That means when offense stalls defense can compensate.

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Few NBA teams bring more skill than the Lakers. Yet Los Angeles failed to cover their first two restart games.  Part of that has to do with getting back in the groove offensively.  In the same way, the Mavericks stumbled out of the restart gate.  Highly skilled Dallas lost their first two games. Cause by layoff rust and lack of defense.

Pittsburgh backers suffered a similar fate in their opening NHL playoff game vs. Montreal. Indeed, the Penguins have more skill than the Canadiens. But four and a half months off decreased precision. Which was a factor in Pittsburgh’s 3-2 overtime loss? Hockey is best known for playoff upsets. Grit, defense, and determination are Stanley Cup ingredients.  More emphatically such winning traits will be more pronounced in this COVID-19 format.


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Load Management and Win Necessity Equation

In particular, NBA restart stages offer compelling Betting on basketball factors. The brief eight-game “regular season” is paramount. The restart format was created to allow teams out of playoff contention to compete. To illuminate the Western Conference has 13 teams. Many say that is a reach. Sacramento and Phoenix aren’t credible with gamblers.  But the NBA had to contrive a format that appeared fair to get what it really wanted. Which ultimately is TV eyeballs.

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Fashion that this setup was a convenient way to get Zion Williamson and the Pelicans into the mix. The NBA ruled that if a team is within four games of eighth place, they will earn a play-in shot.  Thus, many gamblers flocked to load up on the Pelicans.

Problematic was that Zion saw limited playing time. New Orleans lost their first two games. And Pelicans management admitted they were not going all out. Correlate a lesson on not following the casual betting public.  Those who did were burned badly.  Williamson is the NBA marquee man of the future.  It’s just that the future isn’t now.

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Also, the NHL can’t claim to be completely innocent. Chicago and Montreal are not Stanley Cup contenders.  What they are is a couple of “Original Six” legacy franchises. An account of their huge generational fan bases. On this occasion, their 12th place status was enough of an excuse to get invites. This 12-seed tandem did win their first playoff games as big underdogs.  Which again points back to public perception. And paying too much on favorites.


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Wagering on Halves Creates New Handicapping Strategies

Starting with a different lineup and playing time comes new handicapping techniques. Among them is betting on halves.  This is where you can wager on the first half or second half of a game only.  Or both halves with separate wagers.  Subsequently, this goes for sides, totals, and money lines.

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To begin with, just a bit of research is required.  What is most important is to discover the expected playing time for key players.  Should a team plan on load management for key players you may want the other side.  It follows that the opposite is true as well.  A lesser team’s top players against a better opponent resting its stars could be profitable.


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Live Betting Alternative Perfectly Fits Today’s Dynamics

Once upon a time sports betting on a game as it goes on would be considered crazy.  But in this new age of gambling, it can be the ultimate weapon.  In turn, this leads back to playing time and momentum.  With live betting, you could conceivably bet on both teams in the same game.  In particular, there are different junctures of a game where one side or total play makes sense.  Substitutions and injuries can factor into this.  Baseball pitching changes are another potential factor.

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As an example, think of an expensive quality pitcher getting shelled and pulled.  You may not have wanted to make the big lay on that pitcher when the game started.  But once said the pitcher is pulled, live betting on his team could be much more favorable.  Most important of all, the team does NOT have to win the actual complete game.  Instead, they merely need to score more runs from that point in the game to the end.  To illustrate a team trailing 6-1 in the fifth inning would win a live bet in a 7-4 loss.  That is because they outscored their opponent 3-1 from the point of the live bet.

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Keep Things Simple and Independent

Commencing with this sports restart will be betting openings galore.  Don’t overthink things.  Simplicity will go a long way towards increasing your bankroll and fun.  Furthermore, fading the public is often smart.  You can gain more favorable prices by not following the masses.

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