What Is Social Proof Software – Increase Website Conversion Fast and Easy 

 February 24, 2019

Did you know that websites have a low conversion rate of only 2.35 percent? On the other hand, Facebook has a conversion rate of 9.1 percent. Marketing your products on Facebook isn’t always practical as you have to work harder to attract potential customers. And let’s not forget the thousands of dollars you will have to spend. How about you work on organic marketing to increase conversion rate? Let’s know more about different ways you can increase conversions and bring in more customers daily.


  • How to improve conversion rate?
  • What is social proof?
  • Benefits of social proof software
  • Types of social proofs
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How to improve conversion rate?

It doesn’t make sense to get a lot of traffic on your website and not generating enough leads. It reflects that you are doing something wrong, which is preventing the visitors from taking the next step. We have five use proof methods for your business that will make it grow instantly:

1. Track conversions with Google Analytics

Around 48 million websites use Google Analytics to track conversions to find out their website’s weakest and strongest offering. It gives an insight into individual customer activity, which can be used during market research. Use Google AdWords to collect information about click-to-call button activity.

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2. Build up customer trust

Customers are willing to give you multiple opportunities to prove your website’s credibility and authenticity. Some ways you can build customer trust include adding contact information on the company page, customer reviews on the home page, live chat option, and increased social media activity. Live chats are crucial because they allow you to explain the benefits of the products personally.

3. A/B testing

If you are a start-up, now is the perfect time to perform A/B testing to improve website conversion rates. Launch two web designs that are randomly shown to the visitors. The design that performs better and converts more leads is what you have to go forward with. Sign-up with Trust Activity today and test social proofing on the two websites.

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Alt text – perform ab-testing

4. Use videos in the copy

You would be wondering how to increase conversion rate by using videos but the logic is simple. Everyone likes watching videos than reading a blog. Make videos that revolve around customer testimonials, celebrity campaigns, and how to use your products in unique ways.

5. Offer multiple payment and shipping options

Not every person who shops uses PayPal. And that’s why, you should offer different payment options like credit card, debit card, and net banking. If you are willing to ship overseas, you get a chance to expand your business globally and reach a larger target audience.

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What is social proof?

Improving conversion rates is all about the skills. Another effective way is social proofing. It is a tool that shows visitors what other people are doing on your website. These activities can include reviews, testimonials, recommending products, or social media share.

You can use social proof software to motivate visitors to replicate the behavior of the most recent customers. It is like magnetic marketing as it changes the behavior drastically but only if you use it practically.

Here’s how you can use social proofing to increase conversion:

1. Ask experts to take over social media

When an expert takes over your company social media handle for a day or a week, their fans start following the account and by the end of the collaboration, they will make up their mind to purchase your product. To improve conversion rates, build relations with experts right from the beginning, so you don’t have to work hard later. Use Fomo software to generate social proofing.

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2. Collaborate with social influencers

When you host an Instagram or Facebook live, have experts or social influencers join you. When their fans realize that they are promoting your brand, they will bounce on the bandwagon and directly go to your website and purchase the products.


Img source: techhive.com

Alt text – social media collaborations

3. Share milestones

Share the number of people who visit your website daily, the number of first-time customers you gained today, certifications, and the number of followers on your social media. It is a fun way to celebrate your achievements with your visitors and welcoming them into the party.

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Benefits of social proof software

Here is what you will love about good social proof software.

1. Generates trust

Social proofing uses a lot of reviews and testimonials, which helps visitors to start trusting your company and products.

2. Build business credibility

Use social proofing to build business credibility by giving special discounts, sending e-greetings on holidays, and mentioning all the national and international certifications your business has received.


Img source: lisalarter.com

Alt text –  business credibility

3. Mouth-to-mouth publicity

It is a secondary benefit but a perfect example of the ripple effect. When a customer is impressed with your service, they will mention your products to their friends and family. Mouth-to-mouth publicity is still the most effective way to promote your products.

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Types of social proofs

1. Customers and friends

Upload testimonials, case studies, and reviews from your customers and send them special discounts, which they can share with their friends. When these friends purchase products from your website, they will give their reviews.


Img source: media.sproutsocial.com

Alt text – customer reviews

2. Celebrities and experts

Mention the name of popular celebrities and companies that use your product. Use it to convince their fans into buying your products. Use expert reviews to create business credibility and create a strong reputation for your company.

3. Large numbers

If you receive 5,000 visitors every day, mention it proudly on the website. If you received 100,000 visitors during the month, make a small poster about it.

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4. Certifications and awards

If a credible, third-party authority has reviewed your products and awarded you with some certifications and standards write them in bold on the home page. It shows that your company is of premium quality and knowledgeable.

Use these different types of social proofs on your website today with Trust Activity. It is the best social proof tool that you can find in the market. Highly customizable and affordable, Trust Activity also allows you to add non-real reviews and personalize the widgets used to display social proofs. The tool offers a 24 x 7 customer service, which is available either via live chat, email, or a phone call.

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