Traveling With Vape Gear: The Dos And Don’ts 

 May 17, 2022

Now that the world’s affairs are slowly returning to normal, you can start booking your hotel accommodation and airline tickets for your upcoming long-awaited trip. But if you’re a vaping enthusiast, you may wonder if you’re allowed to bring your vape gear when traveling. Generally, e-cigarette and vape laws vary around the world.

For instance, some countries or areas impose restrictions on bringing vape juice, e-liquids, and other vape equipment. These circumstances make traveling with a vape device a bit complicated. However, in most cases, you’ll have the liberty to bring your vape device as long as you comply with the specific rules of the locality you’re planning to visit.

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Below are the dos and don’ts of traveling with vape gear to consider from the get-go:


  • Traveling With Vape: What Are The Dos
    • 1. Do Check The Local Vaping Regulations
    • 2. Do Disconnect All Batteries
    • 3. Do Pack Light
    • 4. Do Secure Your E-Juice
  • Traveling With Vape: What Are The Don’ts
    • 1. Don’t Bring E-Liquid Bottles Larger Than 100 ml For Hand Luggage
    • 2. Don’t Pack Vape Batteries Into A Checked Baggage
    • 3. Don’t Vape On The Plane
    • Bottom Line

Traveling With Vape: What Are The Dos

Some use vape gear to slowly ditch the habit. Whether you’re among them or not, traveling with your vape gear doesn’t have to be more complicated if you’re familiar with the things you need to do to ensure a hassle-free and safe trip. These may include:



1. Do Check The Local Vaping Regulations

As mentioned, vaping rules and regulations differ from one country to another.

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Some countries prohibit the bringing of vape gear entirely, while others allow it under strict circumstances. That being said, it’s essential to check the local vaping laws of your destination country to keep you out of any trouble. Failing to comply with the applicable rules and regulations may lead to legal problems including fines, confiscation of your vape gear, or denial of admission to the country.

For example, if you’re traveling to Australia and want to bring nicotine for vaping, you need to secure a prescription from an Australian doctor first before being allowed entry within the country’s borders. Without the prescription, you may be unable to travel to the country with your vape gear.

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Hence, if you’re planning your trip to Australia anytime soon, look for an online clinic like QuitClinics to have access to a doctor who is authorized to prescribe nicotine. Ensure to obtain the prescription before your scheduled trip to avoid dealing with legal problems upon your arrival.

2. Do Disconnect All Batteries

It’s important to disconnect all the batteries of your vape device to ensure safety onboard a plane or ship. Although the regulated e-cigarettes have safety locks that protect the device against accidental activation, it’s best to remove all the batteries from the devices. This rule also applies to mechanical mods or those unregulated vaping devices since they don’t have a safety lock feature, unlike the regulated ones.

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When the batteries aren’t removed, the button can be accidentally pushed down and turn the device on while inside your luggage. This situation may potentially cause a battery fire, which you don’t want to happen during your trip.



3. Do Pack Light

If you want a seamless travel experience, packing light can be an excellent idea, especially with your vape gear. This means leaving your coil kits and other unessential items at home to avoid security complications at the airport during departure and arrival.

Depending on where you’re going, you may only bring your vape device, a certain quantity of e-juice, and your batteries. Other than that, it’s best to leave them at home to streamline your trip.

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4. Do Secure Your E-Juice

Generally, proper travel precautions are needed when traveling with all sorts of liquids. This rule also applies to E-juice during your flight, bus ride, and others. Hence, to avoid a sticky situation inside the aircraft and the like, secure your E-liquid correctly to prevent leakage. You can buy high-quality bottles or visit your local supplier before your trip to ask for some empty bottles. By doing so, you can save some money from a cleaning or laundry bill caused by a leaked E-juice bottle.



Traveling With Vape: What Are The Don’ts

Bringing vape on your trip also comes with some restrictions. These may include:

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1. Don’t Bring E-Liquid Bottles Larger Than 100 ml For Hand Luggage

When it comes to bringing e-liquid on board the plane, you shouldn’t take bottles that are larger than 100 ml. This is especially true if you want to take it in your hand luggage. On the other hand, if you decide to bring more than 100 ml, you can do so by putting it into your checked baggage. Yet this rule on bringing e-liquid bottles may differ from one airline to another.

In that case, it’s essential to review your airline’s regulations about traveling with vape gear. That way, you can prevent boarding delays and problematic security checks at the airport.

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2. Don’t Pack Vape Batteries Into A Checked Baggage

You can’t take your vape batteries in your hand luggage. This rule also applies to vape devices that contain internal batteries or those which are electrically operated. The reason for the prohibition is that vape batteries and electronic devices may be dangerous when pushed down by heavy luggage.

To avoid this situation, you should take these items with you inside the aircraft. Failing to follow this rule may result in the loss of your devices throughout the trip. Also, the airport authorities may decide to leave your luggage at your departure airport. These are unfortunate situations you certainly don’t want to happen when traveling with your vape gear.



3. Don’t Vape On The Plane

This is another big no-no when traveling with vape gear. Using your device onboard an aircraft usually comes with some safety risks. Like smoking, vaping isn’t allowed during a flight due to the following reasons:

  • When you sit down vaping, the cabin crew will find it hard to identify real smoke from the ones from the e-cigarette. Henceforth, if vaping is allowed, the real source of smoke which could potentially become a fire would go unnoticed.
  • Since most aircraft can’t identify the difference between real smoke and e-cigarette smoke, vaping during the flight is prohibited. When you vape, the smoker detector will detect the smoke, raising the alarm on the flight deck. When this happens, the cabin crew will investigate the problem, making your air travel a bit stressful.
  • Vaping on the plane could produce second-hand vapor, which could be harmful to other person’s wellbeing when inhaled.
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Bottom Line

In recent years, vaping has become a part of a person’s travel experience. Nevertheless, like smoking, airports and travel destination countries have rules and regulations that people should follow in terms of traveling with a vape. But by keeping the dos and don’ts mentioned above in mind, you can ensure a pleasant travel experience to your destination country. You’ll not only enjoy the new surroundings, but you’ll also be able to get comfort from vaping.

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