Top 5 Sites Where You Can Read Good Stories 

 June 16, 2019

Storytelling is something that many people find pleasure and enjoyment in. Whenever we’re at home or at work bored out of our minds, reading a few stories takes that away and substitutes it with something that might not be productive, but it most definitely fills up the time.

There are many places on the internet where you can go and read short stories. Short stories are very popular and have been since the dawn of writing. People find short stories interesting and excellent for learning new vocabulary. They are also great for writing practice for someone who is a beginner author. They are also excellent for children because they help out with their grammar and vocabulary.

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So with all that said, what are the top 5 sites where you can read good short stories?


  • 1. American Literature
  • 2. 365 Tomorrows
  • 3. Myiblis
  • 4. East of the Web
  • 5. Classic Shors

1. American Literature


Source: The Frisky

As it says on their website, American Literature is a website that has been providing short stories and classical novels to their readers since 1997. They have everything from short stories for children, to poems, to collections of short stories for adults. The website also has excellent novels for their readers and they’ve recently published databases of short stories such as “100 Great Short Stories”, “Short Stories for High School”, “Short Stories for Middle School”, etc

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2. 365 Tomorrows

365 Tomorrows is a website that publishes short stories and lets users write and submit their own. It’s an excellent place to publish something that you’ve truly worked on and feel passionate about since the site has dedicated fanbase that read their website every single day. The website predominantly focuses on short science fiction stories and speculative ”flash” fiction. They publish stories of this specific genre and the world of tomorrow every single day. The website has its own writers, but a large collection of their stories are user submitted. 365 Tomorrows also has an active forum where website members can discuss ideas and discuss the stories that are available to them.

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3. Myiblis


Source: The Frisky is a site that posts short, funny, stories for their readers to browse when they have spare time. It is a user-friendly place where people can inform on the latest news regarding technology but in a storytelling way. The thumbnails of each story will usually be accompanied by a meme, which makes the story ten times more interesting. Their content ranges from short stories to articles, photos, videos, etc. You can head towards their “Mix” section to receive a bit of everything while you’re browsing.

4. East of the Web

East of the Web is a site that features all kinds of stories for readers to enjoy. From sci-fi, crime, horror, humor, romance, and children’s, East of the Web is a wonderful place where a person can really get lost. This site has posted so much content over the years that they have recently separated their website into three sections: short stories, word games, and interactive.

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5. Classic Shors


Source: The Frisky

Classic “Short” Stories features classical short stories from some of the most famous authors in the world. The website lets you choose stories by title or by author, and they also have a bibliographical search where you can read up the date each story was written. Browsing this site is so easy, and finding the story you want is even easier. All you need is the story title or the story author.

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