‘The saddest dog in the world’ is happy with his new family! 

 January 16, 2019

In case you don’t remember, Lana, the 4-year-old Labrador was named ‘The saddest dog in the world.’ Her first family abandoned her in October 2015, and she found herself once again in the shelter. The reason why the internet called her ‘The saddest dog in the world’ is that her photo looking depressed surfaced the internet, and everyone was touched by the look in her eyes and named her that.


Her third family was ready to adopt her on May 20. ‘’We are happy to report that Lana has found a foster home and a new training program,’’ Canadian non-profit Rescue Dogs Match wrote on their website. ‘’RDM would like to thank everyone for their concern and support and we will keep you updated.’’ They didn’t give the details about who is adopting Lana.

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Lana escaped euthanasia when her new foster parent adopted her, and they shared that they are happy that Lana is adjusting well.

Lana was in a foster program, sharing time with different families, and the first family abandoned her in October 2015 after her guarding problems appeared.


Dahlia Ayoub of Mighty Mutts shared how Lana was scared when she first arrived at the kennel. Lana soon recovered, and it seemed that she was going to live happily ever after in January 2016. However, that family also returned her to shelter in July 2016.


‘’Lana’s adoption did not work out because people want a dog they can pet and play with,’’ Brenda Dobranski, founder of Rescue Dog Match said. The shelter also noted, ‘’She is sweet and silly, that is hard-wired into her character. She is timid, wary of strangers only at first. When she is not around the people she trusts, she has the tendency to shut down or become very hesitant.’’

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‘’The best environment for her would be a horse or hobby farm where she can be outside most of the time ‘helping’ her person with the chores around the property,’’ Rescue Dog’s Match revealed. ‘’She loves to be outside no matter what the weather. Lana loves to be part of whatever she is going on but not in ‘tight’ quartes.’’


They said that the ideal family for her is someone who has the ‘’time, patience; determination and commitment to help her become more confident.’’


Lana’s opportunity to be adopted have been tight since she has to be adopted in Canada. ‘’It is important for her to be in a home where she will continue to be exposed to new situations with lots of positive reinforcement,’’ Rescue Dog’s Match revealed. ‘’She is loyal and loving to the people she trusts.’’

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Her rescue team shared how they have a strong desire for Lana that her third home is her last, and that they are giving their best to ensure that.





Source: tincanada24h.com

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