Importance of Telecommunications in the World 

 March 9, 2020

The transmission of various signals such as sounds, images, videos, text or files through optical, radio or wire systems is called telecommunication. To put it simply, communication is the exchange of information between two people while using technology to exchange that exact same information is called telecommunication.

In these modern times, almost everything in our life is supported by this way of sharing information. Both the business world and society rely completely on digital communication, the internet, and data saving. If any of these would cease to exist, many businesses around the world would simply stop working. Just imagine what would happen if Facebook’s data servers stopped working. The website would completely crash and no one would be able to access their own account anymore.

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This shows us just how important it is that most of us stay a part of the same network. If we were ever removed from this network, we wouldn’t be able to do anything business-related.

To properly understand just how important this technology is in our world, we should explain just how telecommunication is used in different aspects of our lives.



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One of the most important parts of society and our lives is the education we get during childhood. Education is what pushes humanity to continue developing, it is what inspires us to create and invent newer and newer stuff that make our lives easier and better. Without education, we would probably still be drawing on stone walls in caves.

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So, how does telecommunication help a school, a college or its students? Well, the first and most important benefit of digital communication is that students can contact each other to share vital lessons, homework or solutions to that homework. Sure, they might meet up in the café after classes to share this kind of information, but that can take up several hours of a students’ day. If you have ever been a college student then you probably know just how every hour of the day is important.

A student can also quickly contact a professor to ask questions about confusing parts of the lesson or anything else they might think of.

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It also allows professors to inform their students to schedule tests, for canceled lessons or anything that is on a professor’s mind throughout the day. He/she wouldn’t have to call every single student personally.

Another thing that telecommunication enables in education is that people can take up electronic lessons and study at home. Not everyone has the time to travel every day to the university and to sit at the classes for hours and hours. With the Internet, a person can just log on to the university’s website and start taking the e-lessons in just several clicks.

Keep in mind, that the diploma or certificate from these e-classes holds the same level of importance as the traditional ones.

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Telecommunication is probably best utilized in businesses. It might be useful in healthcare and education aspects of our lives, but it is extremely useful in the business industry.

Take Amazon as an example. Amazon provides its services to almost one hundred million users every year. The first problem without the internet would be that the website cannot even exist. The other problems that would come up would be in the customer support section. Amazon has to keep all of its customers pleased which means they need to have thousands of people ready to support them. Whether it is through chat, telephone or online video calls, they are always ready. If they didn’t this kind of telecommunication available, they certainly wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. If you need an advanced telecom solution for your business, check out VDS Kenya.

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Most companies have several employees that either work from home or from foreign companies. Getting them all in one room to hold a meeting is simply not possible, but thanks to phones and teleconference, this can be done quite easily. Everyone can join in on the meeting at any time, no matter where they are.



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Another great benefit of telecommunication can be seen in healthcare too. Both the lives of the medical staff and patients is made much easier.

To give you an idea just how useful long-distance communication is, we are going to give a simple example.

Imagine you live in a remote area that’s at least a hundred miles away from the nearest high-end hospital or your family doctor. If you or a family member ever got sick you would have to get in the car and drive to the doctor’s office. If you feel sick then you will have to bother someone else to drive you for several hours and then get you back home.

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Not only will you have to take up someone else’s time, but there is also the risk of getting them sick too which is not something you want to do. So, instead of having to drive hundreds of miles just to get a prescription with an antibiotic, you can contact your family doctor through your phone or through their website. The doctor will give you step-by-step instructions to tell them your symptoms and he/she will be able to tell what kind of drugs you will need to use.

Some doctors have to drive to people’s homes if the sick person is bedridden. Fortunately, with telecommunication, a doctor would be able to analyze a person from his own office. Information such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar rate can be sent to the doctor in just a few clicks. Through this kind of info, he/she will be able to analyze the status of the patient.

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Because of this kind of technology, you would also see a reduced amount of patients in hospitals and clinics. You won’t see people coming into the clinic just because they have a dry cough or high fever.

Since all healthcare-related information can be stored digitally, the chances of making a mistake during storing it are much smaller. Handwriting that kind of important information can result in a lot of misspelling or misreads which could be bad for the patient.

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