Mother’s Day is a great occasion for moms everywhere. It’s the one day of the year that’s truly all about them. Your mom does everything for your family and constantly works to give you a great life full of love, and while you can try to return the favor throughout the year, Mother’s Day gives you an extra excuse to pamper your mom with love, gifts, and appreciation. Sometimes the perfect gift for this occasion is the gift of words and special messages.

Hallmark has thrived because of holidays such as this one. You can buy cards, balloons, and all kinds of Mother’s Day add-ons, but those store-bought cards can’t sum up all the words you want to say to your mom. It may be time to come up with your own heartfelt, touching message. With so much love in your heart for your mom and all that she has done for you, it can be difficult to know where to start. Never fear, you’ll find the perfect way to say all the things you need your mom to know. Here are just a few tips on getting the perfect gift and writing that meaningful message.

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Sending traditional Mother’s Day Items

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Now, you can’t create a meaningful Mother’s Day gift experience unless you lean into the traditions a little bit. After all, what would a card be without a bouquet of flowers to go along with it? Pick out some beautiful blooms from your local florist to create a wonderful Mother’s Day bouquet of tulips, lilies, and carnations. If you opt to order flowers for Mother’s Day, you can attach your note or heartfelt message right to the perfect bouquet. This is a good idea to make that personal connection while celebrating with the traditional methods.

Think of what your mom has done for you.

Writing a touching message to your mom often comes from a place of appreciation. You start by reflecting on everything your mom has done for you. Think of all those times she helped you with homework or cried over a heartbreak right beside you. Think about the sacrifices that she’s made and the ways she continues to show up for you every single day. When you take the time to consider everything your mom has done for you, you’ll be able to start a beautiful message of thanks and appreciation. Make it come from the heart, and show how much you love her for the wonderful person she is.

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Consider your current situation.

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What’s considered a heartfelt message can change over time. As you go through different stages of life, you learn to appreciate your mom in different ways. Kids can write something like “thanks for coloring with me” or “thanks for making pasta the way I like,” and it does the trick. But as you get older, and maybe even have kids of your own, your perspective changes. Consider including this and your own journey in life as you come up with the perfect words to say to your mom.

Include inside jokes or special memories.

Everyone loves a little walk down memory lane, especially moms. A way to really make a card or message special is to include those memories and inside jokes. Write something witty about a time you laughed until you cried, or share a story about a past trip you all enjoyed together. By including these special moments, you’re connecting with memories and creating that feeling of sentimentality and nostalgia. It can be a beautiful reminder of the life you’ve been sharing together so far and all the good times to come.

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