How to Set Up Your Shopify Store the Right Way 

 May 22, 2022

Getting your business stationed online has many benefits over the traditional in-store option. Since you don’t need to cover rent, and you don’t always need a storage unit, going online is usually a better decision. In addition, you make your brand more available, so your customers can easily reach you.

Besides all the other platforms to base your business on, Shopify has shown as one of the most popular options. It is a site that you can use to fully customize your webpage, include your products, and manage their shipping methods.

You may already think that it takes a lot of time to set up your store, but that is not the case. In this article, we’ll explain how to set up your Shopify store in the right way. Keep reading and learn how to set your business quickly, and make it look aesthetically appealing.




  • Make an account
  • Give more information about your store
  • Get to customization
  • Place your products
  • Group the products into different categories
  • Come up with a payment method
  • Get to learn the taxes
  • Do a test run
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Make an account

The first thing that you will need to do is to visit the original site and sign up for it. Depending on where you live, you will be transferred to the site that corresponds with that geographical area. After writing your email, you will be introduced to a couple of things you need to fill in further.

One of the things you need to consider during this step is the name of the account. This is literally your business identification so you will need to think this through.

If you had previous tries to set up a business, you can use that name. However, if that name is previously chosen by someone else and is unavailable, you will be asked to come up with a new one. In any case, the name needs to be interesting, and it has to match your products.

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Give more information about your store

After filling out the initial steps, you will be asked to fill in your personal information. In addition, you will need to provide more information about your business. This includes the revenue, what you hope to accomplish by using Shopify, and details for billing so you can purchase the service.

As soon as you fill in this information, you will be directly moved to your site with an administrator function. This is where the fun activities begin.



Get to customization

When you get to your page as an administrator, you will get presented with all the options that you can use. You will get the option to add things to your site to make it personal and divide from the competition. In addition, you can implement services, as well as any items that can be digitally downloaded.

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To make your store look the way you want, there are themes that you can apply. You don’t need to worry because there are over a hundred themes for you to browse and select the one it suits your brand the most.

Although not every theme is free, you can always update and modify the theme you have selected to reach the aesthetics you wanted. In case you want to make your page perfect, there are Shopify associates or experts that can make your wish come true for a certain fee.

To save time in theme browsing, they are divided into categories so you can reach them easier. For example, if you work with electronics, some themes specifically match that topic. You can preview how your site looks before you purchase to prevent disappointment.

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It is important to know that the themes are made in a way to be optimized for mobile devices as well. Since most of the users are using their phones for browsing, your site has to be reached from these devices as well.

Lastly, besides the theme, you have the freedom to come up with pictures, custom fonts, and overlays of the text. This means you can upload your logos, and select a font you think matches your style. In addition, make sure to explore the colors, include your products as well as link your social media accounts.

But, before you proceed to the next step, it might be a good idea to find an in-depth tutorial/guide like to further customize your Shopify store.

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Place your products

After deciding on the aesthetics of your site, it is time to place your services or products. This is relatively easy since all you need to do is visit the products bar.

When the window pops, you can write all the information about the products including the name and images. In addition, you can write a description to make your customers know more about the item. One smart thing to do while writing the description is to optimize it in SEO to make your page more popular on the search engines.

After the description, you should write the price and all the available shipping methods. Here, you should write important information like the weight and the customs information so the site can adjust everything for the clients.



Group the products into different categories

To make the search for items easier, and save time for your customers, it is better to divide your items into categories. For example, the products for males and females fall into different categories. In addition, sizes depending on the age, or separating your products by brands is helpful.

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Come up with a payment method

This is the most important factor in every online store. By having everything set, and you get to a point to have your first customer, you must determine a way you will receive the funds. Although Shopify has its method that you can use, there are options for many third-party payment methods that you prefer.

Be sure to understand the details of each payment method. This includes how much will they charge you for a transaction, what fees you will have to cover and which cards are accepted. To prevent having too many payment options, you may come up with a questionnaire for your clients to see what they prefer paying with.



Get to learn the taxes

This is one of the things you must understand before you proceed with your business. Always track your purchases and investments, and make sure you have it copied multiple times. Every item is taxable, so you don’t want to mess things up at this point.

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In addition, you have to inform your customers whether the tax is calculated within the price, or they have to settle it on their own. For that reason, it is always to write in the description that a fraction of the price falls for taxes, and let them preview the costs.

Do a test run

Lastly, you want to be sure that everything functions properly before you get to advertise your site. For that reason, do a couple of test runs to be sure that the site works as it should. This means doing regular activities on the site, going through categories, as well as trying out the payment method.



If everything works properly, you can begin with work. Make sure you use your social platform to present your site and try all other marketing campaigns to gain traffic to your new online store.

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