How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Dog – 2022 Guide 

 August 1, 2021

Your pet, as a valued family member, deserves nothing less than the most excellent sleeping quarters. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the correct dog bed. A dog, after all, may sleep for up to 14 hours every day. Even a dog who sleeps in your bed needs a specific area to call his own: a tranquil haven where he may nap uninterrupted.

Therefore, here are a few aspects that you must keep in mind while choosing the right bed for your dog.




  • 1. Size Of The Bed
  • 2. Consider Your Dog’s Specific Requirements
  • 3. Keep An Eye On How Your Dog Sleeps
  • 4. Material Of The Bed
  • 5. Select a Piece That Complements Your Home’s Decor
  • 6. Choose a Bed That Is Simple To Keep Clean
  • Conclusion
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1. Size Of The Bed

When it comes to choosing a dog bed, size is crucial! Nothing is more heartbreaking than a Saint Bernard attempting to sleep on a Chihuahua-sized dog bed. No matter what configurations they stretch into, the ideal dog bed should be large enough to cushion their joints from the rough floor. Measuring your dog while they’re lying down is an excellent way to ensure you get the right-sized dog bed.

Then get something a little bigger so they can lie comfortably in all their natural positions. Your dog may be able to curl up in a ball on some beds, but what if they want to spread out and extend their legs? It is preferable to purchase something a little larger to ensure your dog’s continued comfort.

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2. Consider Your Dog’s Specific Requirements

It’s essential to think about your pet’s specific demands while choosing a bed. For example, arthritis, back pain, and other health issues may affect senior dogs, particularly larger breeds. If your dog is older, you should consider investing in an orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

By giving extra support, a memory foam dog bed can help ease joint discomfort. Investing in an excellent orthopedic dog bed with memory foam will save you money on vet expenses as well as protect your older dog from undue agony.



3. Keep An Eye On How Your Dog Sleeps

What is your dog’s preferred sleeping position? When they fall asleep for the night, do they curl up into an impossibly tiny ball? While others splay their limbs and lie flat on their backs or stomachs, every dog has a unique sleeping position. By observing how your dog sleeps regularly, you can choose a bed that will be the most comfortable for them.

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After all, dog beds come in various sizes and styles. When your dog prefers to curl up, round or oval beds with a side are ideal, whereas mattress beds are ideal for sleeping flat. If your dog is a leaner, a raised side or bolster-style bed is recommended.

These beds resemble small dog couches and have a raised edge on which your dog can rest its head. However, each dog will have their own tastes, so it’s crucial to provide them a few options so you can be sure they’ll always be comfortable.



4. Material Of The Bed

Don’t judge a book by its cover when choosing a dog bed. What’s on the inside is just as essential! Dog beds are available with a range of fill materials to accommodate your dog’s individual demands. Most mattresses are filled with spun-polyester filler, which is soft, warm, and suitable for most dogs with no particular needs or preferences. Other beds have a more supportive memory foam fill that is ideal for dogs with joint issues as well as large breed dogs who require more support.



5. Select a Piece That Complements Your Home’s Decor

Most dogs’ notion of house décor these days is to leave all their dog toys out on the floor all of the time. That is a lovely house to them. However, people have varying opinions on this. You might enjoy a fancy dog bed if it complements your home decor.

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There are so many designer dog beds available in the market. Consider what wall colors you prefer and get a dog bed that goes with the overall aesthetic of your home. After all, a dog bed doesn’t have to detract from your house’s decor or look out of place. You can choose a dog bed that can complement your place or even enhance it!

To match any home décor style, dog beds and duvets are available in various fabrics such as cotton, suede, and velvet. In addition to versatile colors and patterns, designer dog beds disguised as an end table are also available. So, get your dog a safe den to relax while also bolstering the aesthetic of your home.



6. Choose a Bed That Is Simple To Keep Clean

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a dog bed is the material it is composed of. If you want to take a dog bed camping or use it outside or in the garden, use a more durable canvas that is waterproof or water-resistant. It will keep the dog bed from getting damp and make it easier to clean.

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Choosing a dog bed that is easy to maintain and clean is maybe the most crucial factor to consider. Dog beds should be washed every two weeks, depending on the material, not only to remove dirt and debris but also to eliminate mites, fleas, and other parasites that your dog may carry into the bed after his walks.

Dog beds can also quickly accumulate hair, saliva, and bacteria. Choosing a bed with a removable cover is preferable, which can be quickly removed and washed in your home washing machine. Another alternative is to add a washable duvet or blanket to your dog’s bed.


Choosing the right bed for your dog should be a lot easier now that you’ve considered these qualities and concerns. A decent dog bed is an investment; it can be costly, but think how much use it will get from your pet, as they sleep for 12-14 hours per day. A high-quality dog bed will give your pet years of comfort. After all, if a dog can’t find comfort in his own bed, he’ll find it in yours.

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