How Not to Get Addicted to Gambling 

 February 9, 2021

Gambling can be a great past-time activity when done responsibly. It does bring certain risks with it, though. If you’re not careful you might end up having a problem. It’s fairly easy to get carried away when gambling, especially in online casinos such as where you’ve got the possibility of depositing straight from your bank account. As far as land-based casinos go, you can always take a set amount of cash to gamble away. For this reason, you have to stick to a few principles. Here are some rules you should follow to avoid getting addicted to gambling.




  • Set a budget and a time limit
  • Don’t gamble to cope with negative emotions
  • Take breaks
  • Make it one of, not the only form of entertainment you have
  • Don’t chase losses (and wins)
  • Avoid gambling after alcohol and drugs
  • Get an understanding of how the games work
  • Establish an upper limit
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Set a budget and a time limit

First thing’s first, before gambling set a strict budget for yourself and don’t ever go over it. Doing so is a slippery slope and can result in you wagering more and more. It’s relatively easy to overdo it, especially when you encounter a losing streak. The desire is to make up for it. The same goes for the time you spend gambling. Time whizzes by as you play. Be sure to stick to what you set for yourself.

Don’t gamble to cope with negative emotions

While gambling really is a great way to unwind your stress and bad emotions, it’s vital not to treat it as one. It’s an unhealthy solution for your stresses. Before gambling, make sure that you’re relaxed and in a good mood. Treat it as entertainment and only entertainment, not a coping mechanism. The primary purpose of gambling isn’t even making money, as the house always has the edge, but having fun. Don’t forget that. If, instead of fun, gambling becomes problematic, it’s a red flag signalling that you need to stop.


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Take breaks

Taking regular breaks to clear your head helps with thinking straight and not getting carried away. Breaks allow you to check the time, reevaluate your strategy, see exactly how much money you have left and help you make better decisions. Take a moment to analyse your emotions – see if this session is still entertaining enough, or if it has become rather tedious and frustrating to play. After all, that’s what it’s supposed to be – enjoyable and relaxing.

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Make it one of, not the only form of entertainment you have

Gambling is often a way of dealing with boredom. The release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline makes it an extremely attractive way of spending your free time. For this reason, to avoid getting addicted, make sure that it’s not your only hobby. Think of some other stimulating ways of spending your time. If you gamble too much, then it’s tough to find activities that are equally rewarding. This can lead to gambling being the only or the primary way of coping with boredom. Again, a slippery slope that can easily lead to addiction.


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Don’t chase losses (and wins)

Whether you’re on a winning or losing streak, it’s going to end at some point. If you keep losing, don’t try to make up for it by betting more than you can. Keep calm, take a break and assess your strategy. The same goes for winning streaks – if you feel like you’re on a roll, don’t go over your limit. Winning streaks end, too, and you may find yourself losing what you’ve already won.

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Avoid gambling after alcohol and drugs

It’s much easier to go over the limit after taking drugs or drinking alcohol. The chemical substances tend to amplify the feelings you get from gambling as well. The enhanced experience can lead to you getting addicted way quicker than normally. Moreover, most often one doesn’t really think straight when under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. It’s a straight way to going in with money you’re not supposed to spend on gambling.


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Get an understanding of how the games work

If you’re playing random-based games, it’s just that. Random. There are no hot or cold tables, all odds are the same. The house always wins. Even if you cheat the odds and win a few times, in the end, statistically, you can’t win. You can’t go to a casino to make money. If you’re playing slots, get a grip on how the bets work, as these can be deceiving at times. Make sure that you know exactly how much you’re betting.

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Establish an upper limit

If you manage to get ahead of the house and make a profit, it’s easy to put all of the money back in and, ultimately, lose it. Setting an upper limit if you get ahead lets you walk away with a profit. To clarify, if you find yourself $50 ahead and you set your upper limit to $30, you can bet $20 more, and still profit. While you probably enter with a mindset that you’ll be spending your full budget, it feels great to leave a casino even with a small gain.

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