DeWalt pro-stretch work trousers: features and benefits 

 November 9, 2022

When it comes to work trousers, they are not all made the same. There are some that will cost you money and production hours and others will cost you money, but in return help you make money. You might wonder how that is possible, but let’s explore the features and benefits of the DeWalt pro-stretch work trouser and you will see for yourself how they can help your team and your business.




The DeWalt work trouser is packed with features that reflect the ethos the company has held onto for the last 100 years, and since 1924 DeWalt products have been guaranteed tough. Throughout the years DeWalt have listened to their customers to create work trousers that are designed for the jobsite. Some of the features of the DeWalt work trouser include:

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  • Four-way stretch, with all day comfort
  • Breathability
  • Durable – 265GSM, 97% cotton and 3% spandex
  • Reinforced seams and panels
  • 10 multi-purpose pockets
  • Secure phone pocket
  • Ruler pocket
  • Coin pocket
  • D-ring for gloves
  • Oversized belt loops
  • And knee pad pockets


With these features, and backed by the DeWalt work trouser built tough guarantee, how could you go wrong?




By looking at the features of DeWalt work trousers, it is easy to see what the benefits to the wearer would be. The convenience of the pockets makes keeping their tools and equipment handy. No more searching for lost tape measures or clambering up ladders with hands full of screws and a hammer creating unsafe situations. With the multiple pockets to carry everything, your workers will have both hands free to hold on to the ladder correctly, climbing safely. The lightweight material of DeWalt work trousers helps with fatigue and breathable fabric helps improve on their comfort. All this makes your jobsite safer and your workers more productive. That can only be a benefit for your business.

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The best way to ensure you get the quality DeWalt work trouser you pay for is to buy them from a team that you can rely on. We recommend you make your purchases from the reputable team at RS. With their expert advice, you will find the right DeWalt work trousers for your crew. You can contact them through the RS website, by email, or phone. The DeWalt work trouser can be an asset to your business, so why not kit your work crew out with the quality products that RS stock. With over 800 work trousers available on the RS website, you can find everything you need in the one place.

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With so many features built-in to DeWalt work trousers, the benefits to the wearer relates to benefits for your company. Workers who aren’t searching for their equipment and who are wearing comfortable workwear are more productive than those who are restricted by hot and uncomfortable clothing. With DeWalt and RS your guaranteed to get the best quality work trousers available. Give RS a call today and get your workers DeWalt work trousers, then get the best out of your workers.

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