8 Accessories To Consider When You Get A New Dog 

 November 9, 2020

If you’ve just taken a new pet into your home, chances are you’re now thinking about how to spoil them as if they’re your own child. Most dog owners don’t treat their dogs as mere pets, but members of the family. If you feel the same, then, it’s best if you spoil them with several accessories that can make their lives more comfortable and can turn them into a fashionista.

Pet accessories are no longer new today. In fact, you’ll be able to find countless options when you search online, visit local pet stores, or ask friends and family who also have dogs. The number of options available can even become too overwhelming for first time dog owners.

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To help you out, start by buying the following accessories for your new dog:


  • 1. Collar
  • 2. Boots
  • 3. Bed
  • 4. Food And Water Bowls
  • 5. Grooming Supplies
  • 6. Toys
  • 7. Water Bottle
  • 8. Poop Bags
  • Choose Carefully

1. Collar


One of the most important accessories that you should look into is a collar that’s designed especially for your new pet. You’ll find that collars come in many different styles and colors, so make sure that you buy one that fits your dog just right. Some people also choose to use a special harness to go around with their dogs.

Buying collars from well-known pet stores, such as Petsumer, will make your life easier as a fur parent because collars can help you track down your dog when they run away from home. You can also opt to attach your name and contact details to your dog’s collars to ensure that they can easily be found whenever they wander around.

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2. Boots


Source: Vogue

As a dog owner, you can start buying boots for your pet as this will protect their paws from the snow or ice. Dog boots are inexpensive, and you can find these in almost any pet supply store. A good pair of dog boots can be made either from nylon or fleece and can keep your dog warm while they’re out and about outside in the winter.

Aside from keeping their paws warm and snug during winter, you can also buy dog boots that can be used daily. Dog boots made from synthetic plastic can protect your dog’s paws from dirt and mud whenever you take them for walks outside.

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3. Bed


Source: Pet Interiors

Sleep is vital to humans, and the same remains true for dogs. Your furry friend needs to get some shuteye every day to ensure that they grow properly, and any damaged muscles or joints are repaired. Sleep is also important to replenish your dog’s lost energy.

Another accessory that you should definitely provide four your dog is their own bed. Even if you plan on taking your dog on your bed with you, it’s still important that they have their own space to relax and sleep. This is especially true for puppies as they tend to sleep around 12 to 16 hours every day.

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4. Food And Water Bowls


Source: K9 of Mine

As a dog owner, you’re responsible for keeping your pet healthy and happy, and you can only achieve this goal by providing them with proper nutrition. Food and water bowls are essential when getting a new dog because these will make it very easy for your pet to drink and eat.

There are many types of food and water bowls available in the market today, but the best ones tend to be made from stainless steel. This material is very durable and doesn’t harbor any bacteria.

5. Grooming Supplies


Source: Animal Wellness Magazine

Contrary to popular belief, dog breeds that naturally have long and furry hairs aren’t the only ones that require proper grooming. All dogs, regardless of the breed and fur type, should be groomed on a regular basis. Aside from improving their appearance, regular grooming can also improve your dog’s overall health.

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Grooming supplies are important accessories that every dog owner should have in their homes. For starters, you should start looking for nail clippers, fur removal brushes, and some dog shampoo and conditioner. A pair of grooming scissors will also come in handy to tame your dog’s fur and prevent matting.

6. Toys


Source: SPY

Just like kids, your dog will also need toys to keep them busy. Toys play an essential role in your dog’s development as these can ward off boredom and stimulate their minds. If you’re going to welcome a puppy to your home soon, a toy is important because this can correct excessive chewing and discourage them from chewing furniture, shoes, and other items around your home.

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For you to choose the right toys for your dogs, make sure that you buy ones that suit the age of your furry friend. Anything that’s too big or too small can become a safety risk to your pooch.

7. Water Bottle


Source: Deal Trove

Dogs need to exercise regularly to ensure that they remain strong and healthy. Depending on your preferences, you can take them for walks, or play fetch with them in parks. Regardless of what activities you plan on giving your dog to keep them fit, one thing is certain: spending hours running around can surely make your pooch thirsty.

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If you love to spend time outdoors and would want your dog to join you in your adventures, invest in a special doggie water bottle for them. Unlike water bottles for humans, water bottles for dogs often come with a bowl-like shape at the top to make it easy for your furry friend to drink water.

8. Poop Bags


Source: Ruffwear

You’ll have a lot of fun when you spend time outdoors with your dog, but keep in mind that going out with them will also require responsibility on your part. For one, you need to pick your dog’s poop because if you won’t, disease-causing germs and bacteria will eventually feast on it and endanger dogs and other pets who would sniff it. Picking up your dog’s poop is also a common courtesy, especially when you’re around public places.

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You can easily pick your dog’s poop by buying a long-lasting supply of poop bags. These products are made to store dog’s poop, which means that you can simply pick your dog’s poop, seal the bag, and throw it in the trash bin.

Choose Carefully

There are many different types of dog accessories that you can buy, so make sure that you take the time to see what kinds of options you have to choose from. These products come in all sizes and shapes, so there’ll surely be ones that would fit your dog’s needs perfectly.

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