7 Ideas to Help You Improve Your Blog Writing Skills 

 July 21, 2020

There are various reasons why you decided to start writing a blog. You maybe wanted to write about a topic that particularly interests you or you may want to promote a product. Also, blogs are great for content marketing, due to SEO and advertising. In any case, whichever niche you choose for your blog, you are likely to have huge competition. Thousands of people write about every topic. That is why you have to stand out from the crowd.

Most of the time is spent on site optimization and other technical aspects of blog writing. Then if SEO is primary, then all focus is on keywords. Basically, few really focus on what matters most – the quality of writing. And because of the ubiquity of the internet, everyone has the chance to write a blog, which leads to so many poorly written texts by people who don’t put enough effort into it.

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Although all technical aspects are at the highest level, if your writing skills are poor, you are unlikely to attract a significant number of readers. So we will help you today by giving you ideas on how to improve your blog writing skills.


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  • 1. You have to practice
  • 2. Don’t forget the basics
  • 3. Pay attention to your vocabulary
  • 4. Work on your writing style
  • 6. Read as much as you can
  • 7. You have to proofread it before publishing
    • Conclusion:

1. You have to practice

Although writing is a talent, you know that any talent is useless if you do not practice. The saying “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” is well known and it is completely true. Someone who writes every day can become far better than someone with a literary gift who does not develop it at all. So make an effort to write every day. It doesn’t have to be for a few hours, but continuity is important. You will not improve your skills if you write one text per week for your blog. Write about various topics every day. Of course, you will not publish everything online. This will all play a role in developing your writing style. In time, you will see how you get better and better, and we are sure that this will affect the number of visitors. Also, when writing, don’t let anything bother you. Do not work distracted or have your phone ring constantly. Turn off the ringtone and all notifications.


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2. Don’t forget the basics

It is very possible that you will not pay attention to some basic and very important things, such as grammar rules. Especially if you write in your native language, you think that your knowledge of grammar is more than enough and it is unlikely that you will reach for textbooks from school to remember what you learned a long time ago. That is a big mistake. Many linguistic mistakes are often made in everyday life, without even noticing it, because they are not important in those moments.

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Still, writing is something completely different. If we write grammatically incorrectly, it will turn away many readers and will not return to our blog. It will be difficult and incomprehensible for them to follow what we wanted to say. Each comma can completely change what we wanted to say.

Don’t let grammar basics stop you from having a successful blog. No one expects you to write at the level of professional writers, but you have to follow the ground rules. So, take a textbook and re-read everything you learned in high school. That will be more than enough to meet the required standards.


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3. Pay attention to your vocabulary

It is necessary to have a wide vocabulary in order to be successful in this. Still, you have to be moderate. The goal is for your text to be nicely worded, without repeating unnecessary words. More isn’t always better. If you unnecessarily insert piles of words unknown to most people, you can only create an aversion in people who do not understand them. It will look like you are pretending to be much smarter than you really are.

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Of course, it also depends on what topic you are writing about. The more the topic is related to something professional, the more different words you can use, especially in that area. Yet, if you are writing about something general, then such an approach would be counterproductive. Always consider whether the average reader would understand most of what is written. If you feel he wouldn’t, change your approach.


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4. Work on your writing style

Think about who your favorite writer is. And what are the reasons because he is your favorite? Writing style is certainly one of the primary reasons. That’s why you have to work on your style. This is the only way to stand out from the competition. Develop your style and make your readers love it. Then they will constantly come back to your site to read a new article. Otherwise, if your article sounds like any other, it is unlikely that you will have a regular reader base. Why would someone come back to your blog again, if they can read a similar text anywhere? Also, make it easy for people to read. Choose a blogging platform, such as writeby.co, that uses the simplest forms and thus allows the writer to concentrate only on the article. That, along with the good writing style is key to success.


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6. Read as much as you can

Read as much as you can to improve your writing. This way you will encounter different styles and approaches. This will give you new ideas. Read everything you can. Classic books are always the best choice. The quality of the writing is on another level compared to most modern bestsellers. Storytelling and structure are best in classic books and pay special attention to that. However, this does not mean that you should limit yourself just to classic books. Read newspapers, fiction and everything else. Also blogs. Let an experienced blogger be your role model.


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7. You have to proofread it before publishing

We all make mistakes. Typo, a misspelled word or anything else happens to even the most experienced and best writers. So never publish before you have read the whole text several times. If you are tired, wait a couple of hours and then correct any mistakes. You have no excuse to publish a text full of mistakes. Also, it’s a good idea to have someone else who will read it at least once before you post. The second pair of eyes is always useful. That way you will be sure that everything is correct.

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Don’t overlook the importance of writing skills when you start writing a blog. Follow these tips and you will be successful.

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