7 First Date Tips That Every Girls Needs to Know 

 April 15, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve finally worked up the courage to ask your crush on a date, and he has said yes, or he has himself asked you out, and you are losing your wits. First dates can be compared to a job interview – where you attempt to make the best impression that you can in front of the other person. Even the best of us can feel pretty nervous when going out on a first date. Everyone wants to make sure that they look their best and have a great time without trying too hard or making the other person think that you are also invested. After all, you have got to keep him wanting more, right girls?

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To stand out from the rest of the crowd, you want him to think that you are the one without downright having to state that you are the best thing he can ever find. There are a few ways you can make sure that your first date goes exactly as you plan. So, here are seven tips that you can follow to master the first date once and for all.


  • 1. Put Yourself in a Positive State of Mind
  • 2. Find an Outfit and Stick to It
  • 3. Give a Casual Hello
  • 4. Keep the Convo Moving
  • 5. Offer to Split the Check
  • 6. Let Him Know That You Want To See Him Again
  • 7. If You Want To Kiss Them, Make It Clear
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1. Put Yourself in a Positive State of Mind


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First dates can be pretty terrifying if you let them get to your head. The most nerve-wracking part of a first date is the time leading up to it. The best way to ensure that you don’t mull over what you are going to do is by calming your nerves. You can do that by listening to your favorite songs, meditating, or simply having a friend over so that you have someone to talk to. When you let all of that anxiousness and nervousness out, you can think things through and act smarty.

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2. Find an Outfit and Stick to It

The outfit you wear to date says a lot about personality, and to make him fall in love with you, you have to show him that you are classy. You should pick something that compliments your looks and something in which you feel comfortable so that it doesn’t look like you are trying too much. Most girls make the mistake of trying to impress him too much, and it can backfire pretty horrendously. So, you should stick to a minimal yet classy outfit that compliments your look. You can throw on a few accessories to elevate your looks even more.

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3. Give a Casual Hello


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As it is the first time you are meeting him for a date, you need to make sure that he sees how cool you are. By keeping your wits in control and casually saying hi, he will not only be impressed but will also play along with you, and conversation will start flowing. Remember that there is a difference between texting and talking in real life. No matter how many texts you’ve sent to each other in the past, you have to make sure that you leave a good impression on him.

4. Keep the Convo Moving

The primary purpose of a date is to get as much information out of the other person as possible. According to Vixen Daily, here are some excellent questions for men that you must ask if you want to get to know him better. Once you have requested a question, wait for his answer, and build your conversation from there. You want to take it one step at a time, discuss one thing, and move on to the next question. Asking questions will help you understand him in a better way and see how he thinks. If you genuinely find him to be the man you have been looking for, the conversation will automatically flow in the right direction.

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5. Offer to Split the Check


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I know most of us girls think that it is a man’s “duty” to pay for the date, but as a courtesy, you should offer him to split the check. A true gentleman will never let you do that, but he sure as hell will be impressed that you made the offer. You should wait for them to order so that you choose something around that price. Don’t order something too expensive as you are not there to eat the food, but to meet him.

6. Let Him Know That You Want To See Him Again

A mistake that most women make even when they have enjoyed their date is to keep compliments to themselves. If you have enjoyed spending time with him, let him know. If you want to meet him again, tell him right then and there. It used to be a thing of the past where you would make them wait so that they want more. It is a high-speed world, and if you don’t strike at the right opportunity, someone else will take what you rightly deserve. However, if you don’t want to be too forward, there are ways to make sure that he doesn’t see you as someone desperate. You can casually propose going somewhere he mentioned he likes going and see where things lead.

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7. If You Want To Kiss Them, Make It Clear


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First date kisses are the hardest as both the parties hold themselves back in fear if the other person wants it or not. No book in the world says a man has to make the first move. If you’re going to kiss him, go for it. Instead of waiting for him to make a move on you, you can leave some signs like touching his hand and letting him know that you are open to a good night kiss. Trust me, when you are with the right person, you will have a gut feeling, and you will automatically lower your defenses. However, if you don’t feel like kissing on the first date, it is not a problem. If things go well, you know that there are more dates to come and you can kiss him when you think it is the right time to kiss.

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