6 Tips From Jessica Dean on How to Win a Court Case Against Corporate Giants 

 May 19, 2022

Winning the battle against corporate giants is one of the hardest things you can do. The laws work in their favor and have access to the best defense. However, if you are unjust, you must seek the justice you deserve.

Many times workers are the ones who suffer the most. Because of their work they are exposed to serious health conditions that may leave them unable to work and support a family. Therefore, suing the company and looking for compensation is essential for your existence.

There are a couple of things you need to do in order to win the case. For that reason, Attorney Jessica Dean has a couple of tips for you to implement in your lawsuit, to come up with great results. Keep reading and find out more.

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  • Who is Jessica Dean
  • Tips to come up victorious in the case
    • 1. Find the best attorney
    • 2. Be on time with the deadlines
    • 3. Get to learn the case
    • 4. Ensure proper evidence
    • 5. Prepare your trial speech
    • 6. Treat everyone with respect
  • Conclusion

Who is Jessica Dean


Source: grahamperryondisputeresolution.com

Jessica Dean is an attorney and partner at the Dean Omar Branham Shirley law office. With two degrees, one from the Boston University for politics, as well as Texas university law school, she gotten sufficient knowledge to help her clients.

With the experience of almost 20 years, she has many cases behind her. However, she mostly works by representing workers who suffered from asbestos and got lung cancer. Many companies knowingly expose their employees to cancerous substances, and these people need protection.

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Besides cases, she is a reputable speaker where she held lectures in many seminars. In addition, she is in great relation with most boards, academics, and associations.

When asked, she sees herself as a person who will do everything for their client to gain justice. As a person who thinks strategically, she can solve any case in her way. In the future, she looks to continue her career and help many more endangered workers, and help everyone in need. Click here to learn more about Jessica Dean.

Tips to come up victorious in the case

With almost twenty years of experience, she knows what are the essentials to win a case against large corporations. For that reason, in the following, there are a couple of tips for you to consider if you get into a lawsuit against giants.

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1. Find the best attorney

The first thing you need to do when considering using a large corporation is to find the best attorney. Without an experienced lawyer with many similar cases behind them, winning against giants is almost impossible.

A great attorney will help you in finding enough evidence, and will further investigate the situation. This will let them represent you better in court and help you win the case.

However, finding a great attorney is not always easy. With many lawyers advertising themselves, it can be hard to select just one. For that reason, doing research is essential prior to your attorney selection. Look for a person with experience, that is truthful and hardworking. In addition, they have to be sincere and let you know their opinion of the lawsuit’s outcome.

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2. Be on time with the deadlines


Source: shanmughamassociates.com

As soon as the lawsuit begins, there are a couple of time frames you have to meet. Firstly, you have to settle the date and ask for a jury trial. Next, you have to inform the opposition about the witnesses you are planning on inviting.

Every court has its own rules which are usually posted either inside or on its site. By sticking to these rules, you will know what needs to be done, and until when. However, if you have selected an attorney to represent you in this case, you don’t have to worry about the deadlines. They track everything and will make sure everything is done on time.

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3. Get to learn the case

You will not come up victorious if you just show up on trial and demand compensation. For that reason, you must learn everything about the case. There are elements that have to be followed. The whole trial goes by reviewing the elements of the case. In the planning process, you should find a way to prove every element, and put the corporation in the corner.

By hiring an attorney, they will surely prepare you properly. That way, you will know what you have to say, to increase your winning chances.

4. Ensure proper evidence


Source: ipleaders.in

By learning the case, you will understand what evidence you need to bring with you. The attorney is here to support and guide you through the process of acquiring all evidence so you should not worry. In any case, if you are being mistreated, or your health has been at risk during work at the corporation, finding evidence is not a hard process.

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5. Prepare your trial speech

During the case, you will have to tell the whole story and testify. This speech has to be convincing where you explain how everything happened, and why is the opponent responsible for the consequences. In order not to miss anything, it is always a great idea to prepare a list or a textbook and bring it with you.

In addition, you might need to ask questions to the witnesses invited to the trial. To prevent missing a question that proves a point, being prepared is essential.

6. Treat everyone with respect


Source: additudemag.com

While everything else will be handled by your attorney, be sure to be polite with everyone. During the trial, make sure to learn the proper terminology and learn how to address the judges and staff. In addition, you should be patient with the opposition, and try not to do anything out of pocket.

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Try to look calm and confident, and be sure not to interrupt anyone while speaking. Since you have an attorney to represent you throughout the process, you have nothing to worry about. Let them do their job, and behave properly.


As you can see, the main thing you need to do is find a good attorney. Since they will guide you throughout the process, and be your support when needed, you should not be stressed. Sure, this is not an easy period, but being right is almost always proven and appreciated.

By following the advice of a person with such expertise as Jessica Dean, you will surely come up with great results. Everything here is written up from experience. In case you need more information, be sure to contact the law office and ask whatever you are interested in.

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