5 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Franchise World 2022 

 March 9, 2020

Social media started as a fun way to connect with family and friends. Nowadays, it is one of the most powerful tools that has become a vital marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes – including powerful brands and their franchises. Since many businesses are inundated with numerous management tasks – many of them hire experts to keep track of their appearance on social media. What is the impact of social media on the business of franchises – we will explain below…


  • What Is Franchising?
  • Franchise Business System
  • How Can Social Media Help Promote The Franchise?
    • 1. You Are More Available To Clients
    • 2. Franchise Concept Can Be “Sold” Via Social Media As A Product
    • 3. Having Your Franchise Page On Social Networks Is Essential
    • 4. The Importance Of Controlling Postings On Franchisees’ Social Accounts
    • 5. Good Marketing Strategy
  • Good Social Media Marketing Requires Dedication
    • Conclusion
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What Is Franchising?


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Franchising is how you can run your own business under a well-known brand! It is also used by some of the world’s largest brands. So let’s explain what a franchise business really is. When we hear anything about franchises, our first association is usually the fast-food restaurant chains – such as McDonald’s, Burger King or Subway. It is true – these companies are franchise icons, even giants in the franchise world. However, there is a huge franchise market beyond them.

Franchise Business System


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When you buy a franchise – you are still essentially operating your assets and resources, at your own risk. However, you are actually operating under the franchise brand. Such a well-known and sound brand is just an additional guarantee for greater recognition. That automatically means more customers and reducing the possibility of your business failure. A franchise is not just about buying a “brand right” – it’s a whole business system. The word system is the key to understanding the business rules within a franchise business. The franchisee can count on the systematic transfer of business knowledge – from personal training and employee training to constant support in procurement, supply and sales. It also refers to finance and accounting – to the transfer of marketing, social media and promotional knowledge.

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How Can Social Media Help Promote The Franchise?


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Social networks are useful to us, both, to promote the services we provide and to promote the whole franchise concept. Experience with social media as a channel of communication with potential users is very positive and very helpful so far. Here’s how.

1. You Are More Available To Clients

Social networking, like any other electronic advertising, allows you to reach customers wherever they are. With the traditional way of advertising through posters, leaflets, lectures, and promotions – it is necessary to get in touch with customers to convey a message to them. With social media – this is far easier, faster and you are not limited to selling just within your country.

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2. Franchise Concept Can Be “Sold” Via Social Media As A Product

Social media are useful both for promoting your services or products you sell – as well as promoting your entire franchise concept. It is enough to say that many franchisees still do not have social media accounts so they are still struggling in their business no matter the brand name they have. Therefore, you always need a helping hand. If you want to run a better and more successful business under the brand you have taken from the franchise – take a look at the offerings of digital companies such as Rallio and many others. These types of digital agencies are already versed in the social media and franchise business – so their help will be valuable to anyone.

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3. Having Your Franchise Page On Social Networks Is Essential

Each of the franchise units would have to have a separate social networking page for managing local campaigns – that is, advertising within the franchise unit’s territory. In addition to advertising, each page has other content to offer to its followers – educational, engaging, etc. Here again, digital agencies are of great help. They can give you full support in the form of content that will be placed on local pages of social media. They can also offer you a database of quality text, photo, and video content – that is fully available to their partners.

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4. The Importance Of Controlling Postings On Franchisees’ Social Accounts

Through conversations and education, you can get acquainted with the rules of your future activity on social networks. These rules should be respected. One of the most important rules is that you only use content that you have produced yourself – images, recordings, etc. Such content is always adequate to promote your activities.

5. Good Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a key part of every company’s business regardless of whether it is a franchise. If you already own a franchise, then you need to create a marketing strategy that will set you apart from others – and attract the attention of potential customers. It’s not always easy, no matter what brand you have in your franchise name. Sometimes it can even be an aggravating circumstance for franchise owners. Therefore, we always advise seeking the help of experts in this field. They can help you with a specially tailored set of steps that each partner implements uniquely. For that purpose, initial visual contents are prepared as well as key marketing messages – which the franchisor later distributes through its customer communication channels.

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Good Social Media Marketing Requires Dedication


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If you’re new to this, you might think it’s enough to have a few posts a day, random status updates, a solid number of followers and likes, and that will magically elevate your business. The truth is far from it – it takes detailed planning and commitment. Serious online marketing and franchise experts know that for the maximum potential of social media, you should listen well to your audience, share only relevant messages with them – and allow others to share and spread them further.


Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that uses social networks as a marketing tool. The main goal is to produce content that users will share with others and help the company reach more brand exposure and reach more customers. Social Media Marketing helps local franchisees get feedback directly from clients – while creating a much more personalized image of themselves globally. The interactivity of social media allows clients to ask questions, make possible complaints, and share opinions. Therefore, customers feel more secure and your company is gaining even more authority by showing customer care.

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