4 Tips for Using Unique Shaped Wall Mirrors for Room Decoration 

 April 25, 2022

Interior decoration can be a very fun thing to engage in. The more we look around and enhance our homes with interesting and stylish designs, the more it feels like a home. That extra personal touch can truly wrap an entire look together. Using a unique shaped wall mirror for this purpose is a worthwhile addition to try. Regular mirrors are already great for enhancing the home but let’s see how unique shaped wall mirrors can be worked into our room decoration.


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  • 1. Angle and position the mirrors to enhance the brightness of the room
  • 2. Make it the centerpiece of the room
  • 3. Use them for theming
  • 4. Don’t forget to use it outdoors too
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1. Angle and position the mirrors to enhance the brightness of the room

A bright room is a healthy room. Getting extra light within our home can heavily improve the mood of those that live within it. It is also much healthier to use natural light rather than artificial one when reading or engaging your eyes in any long term strenuous activity.

With wall mirrors, it’s possible to light the room better and cover those odd edges and corners that would otherwise be difficult to illuminate. However, this will take some extra effort. Angling the mirrors correctly is key to getting a full on light coverage within your home. In some situations, you can even make the natural light bounce off of multiple mirrors to provide extra coverage and form a  beautiful path of natural light.

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We can add wall mirrors of unique shapes to this equation too. This means that certain angles will be easier to cover due to the unique shape of the mirror and the positioning of said mirror can be altered much easier. This goes double for smaller wall mirrors that can be moved across the wall without taking up too much of it. When buying a unique shaped wall mirror it’s fruitful to use sites that have a ton of options and shapes to pick out from. Check out everbettermirror.com for one such location and pick out the mirror that fits you best.


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2. Make it the centerpiece of the room

Each room in our household will have something that sticks out within it. This can be anything from an ornate cabinet covered in trinkets and books or a unique and noticeable conversation piece.

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Uniquely shaped wall mirrors can serve as a centerpiece of the room as well. Regular mirrors are fine in this regard too but lack the extra spice that varying shapes bring into the mix. Not to mention that most uniquely shaped wall mirrors frequently have much more elaborate and stylized frames attached to them. It’s no wonder then that those mirrors draw the eye and enhance the room by giving it something that sticks out and represents it.

As far as specific mirrors are concerned, we recommend checking out those mirrors that are large enough to get noticed immediately. The actual size of it will change depending on the size of the room and the overall nature of the area but you’ll probably be able to give it a rough estimate regardless. Now you need to make sure that the unique feature of the mirror adds enough variety to its appearance to fill its role. In many cases, exotic shapes do the trick. However, less extravagant shapes can also work well especially if coupled with a beautiful ornamental frame.


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3. Use them for theming

With the sheer number of design choices we are provided, it’s possible to truly enhance the internal mood of our household. The design can be truly influential to freshen up older houses or make our unique touch be felt.

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No matter what sort of style you are going for, it’s possible to find a fitting mirror with a unique shape. A relaxed, floaty interior design could benefit from flowy designs that simulate waves. Those seeking to make their home a bit more bizarre could aim for blob-like shapes or intricate mirror shapes. Overall, there are a lot of options out there for theming. Even animal shapes are present for those animal lovers who wish to make their love clear to everybody entering their home.

The actual skill of theming your household can be a very difficult one to master. Obviously, some immediate touches are easy to get the hang of but everything else is practice. When it comes to optimal positioning, proper mirror sizes, and choice of mirrors you’ll have to work from scratch with every new mirror. Each room has different spaces and optimal way of theming it so plan ahead before buying mirrors themselves.


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4. Don’t forget to use it outdoors too

When we think of mirrors we usually think of interiors. Placing them at the end of hallways or within more barren parts of the living room. Some utilize them in their bedrooms for additional decoration of the living space too but the overall style of use remains the same. Namely, they are used indoors. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is no particular reason that the mirrors should be limited to inside use.

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Other decorations share the interior and exterior uses, often being present more in one or the other but never feeling out of place in either. However, the mirrors can frequently end up being avoided as the source of outdoor decoration. Obviously, there’s no real reason for it to be this way. Outdoors mirrors can be just as impactful as indoors ones in terms of engaging decoration. Balconies and gardens can benefit so much from them. The addition of a mirror can make these areas feel much larger and more spacious than usual. Setting up a mirror in these areas can also help the plant life stick out better. Greenery looks like it envelopes more of the garden and the colorfulness of flowers is spread further out.

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Uniquely shaped mirrors can further enhance the playfulness of your outdoors mirrors. Using different shapes to mirror certain color patterns can make the garden look absolutely magical. Other ornamental items can also benefit from this, any type of decorative furniture especially. When placed on balconies, these mirrors can be both useful and stylish. Balconies are often harder to decorate so this approach works pretty well.

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